Michelle Obama Running For Senate as Michael Robbins

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is looking to get back into politics — but not as Michelle Obama. According to a family insider, Michelle will seek a seat in the US Senate…as Micheal Robbins:

“Mike was tired of the charade, and now that barack is openly dating Corey Booker and the divorce is nearly final, he can finally be who he really is. Mike’s biggest hope is that people will look past the fact that he’s a black man and allow him the same chance as everyone else.”

None of the Obamas will comment on their matriarch’s successful transition to Michael, other than to be “fully supportive of his decision to be an individual.” Michale’s official campaign kicks off next week with rallies in Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Elkhart, Indiana.

According to the website ignorethenorm.org, Michael’s decision is less of an issue for the Obamas than it is for the people who hate them:

“Imagine you’ve spent all these years accusing people of what you think are horrible things and then they come out and openly embrace it. Once again, if this ridiculous shit were true, the story is still more honorable than the tall tales of taters everywhere who think piling lies on top of greatness makes it less great somehow.”

Damed liberals always have some dumb opinion. Unfortunately that’s how things tend to work. At least they’re finally being honest.

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