Obamas Buy Controlling Interest In Home Depot


Being the 17th richest man in the country certainly has its advantages.  And it seems like Barack Obama and his wife have decided to make use of one.

They also get a lot of use out of the sex swing that Bernie gave them for their anniversary. Geronimo!

After hearing that the Home Depot corporation had decided to patriotically donate money to President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign instead of bowing to back one of the socialist nincompoops currently jockeying for position, Obama and his foundation quickly hit the stock market, and gobbled up 51% of the company, establishing controlling interest.  Now, he and his wife will have the top seats of the executive board and make or approve any and all company decisions.

Home Depot is well known to be the number one place daddy goes to get away from mommy for just one goddamn hour, Jesus.

This isn’t the first time the Obama’s have used a corporate buyout strategy to quelch their enemies and critics into quivering queefmonkeys.   You probably missed it when they bought out Chic-Fil-A, Papa John’s Pizza, and Wonder Bread as well, since the liberal media kept it quiet.  But maybe with this very public feeding frenzy, it will become more obvious that Obama is building his empire, one conservative bone at a time.

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