Obama Snuck Out Of The Country Last Weekend and Committed Treason

A drone over Sudan caught this image of Barack Obama exiting his private Deep State jet, along with his wife and security detail. According to the State Department and all official channels, however, Obama never left the country this weekend:

“Former President Obama spent his weekend at home behind their wall grilling, swimming, and playing horseshoes. The family is very private and doesn’t wish to share photos anymore, because they say ‘Trumpsters are barbaric heathens with terrible Photoshop skills.’ There is no record of him flying anywhere. We scanned for the chip on his passport and it hasn’t left his DC residence in 3 months.”

So how is it that Obama was at home cooking burgers and in Sudan meeting with Deep State operatives at the same time? Simple. He’s conducting black ops on behalf of the country in violation of the Logan Act, making him guilty of treason.

Our people on the ground in Sudan say Obama met with factions of the Musselman Brotherhood as well as the heir to Idi Amin’s empire, who is about to come of age to take over at 47. Meeting with either of those groups is conspiracy to commit treason against the United States. He can be executed if tried and found guilty.

According to our Obama Watcher volunteer here in the states, the landing area for the Deep State is a little-known little airstrip outside of Ludlow, Massachusetts. They’re on 24-hour watch there to see if they can spot him coming back into the country, which would blow the whole thing wide open. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, President Trump is still in negotiations with Russia over who will lay waste to Sudan first. Obama has been spotted on the ground but refuses to acknowledge it. It’s the perfect time to turn the entire region into a smoldering crater.

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