Obama and Soros Succeed In Lobbying UN to Send MORE ‘Refugees’ to the US

Our watchers in the field have uncovered a disturbing situation in Vienna. It seems that former President Barack Obama and current President of the Deep State, George Soros, used the ancient city as a portal to an undisclosed and possibly illegal location. According to SSA Bluto Larst:

“They slipped away unnoticed and the next thing we know, our team in London tells us they’re in Tony Blair’s office lobbying for more refugees from Palestine to be delivered to Guatemala to start their trek north.

This is where it begins. They put together a couple thousand Muslamicals and ship them off to South America or Venezuela or someplace, then they walk to New Mexico or California, because they know better than to try to make it through Texas.

This latest incursion will start in Honduras, head north through Brazil and land in San Recto before making the final leg through Mexico to either Louisiana or Mississippi. They’re  sending them for two reasons: First, they hate America. And B…They’ll all vote Democrat from the minute they land and get their fake Deep State passports and Social Security cards.”

That sounds about right. That’s pretty much how the last 11 caravans have gone. The people from this one are said to mostly college-aged males and their final destination looks to be the Ohio Lakeshore. Governor Brad Fitzgibbons is already prepared to declare a state of emergency and deploy the National Guard to cut the coast off from the rest of the state if need be — just in case these people are ever determined to be dangerous.

Our hats off to the responders who are cleaning up yet another Obama mess.

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